Cafe / Restaurant Escargot

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Welcome to Café Escargot

Escargot Dishes (Snail dishes) starters

Six escargot in each dish, except for the Grande, which has thirty for escargot lovers.

Escargot garlic - escargot in garlic butter – 10.00 GF


Classic French garlic escargot - served in six decorative shells. – 20.00 GF

Crispy salt and pepper escargot - with aioli for dipping - 10.00 GF

Australian bush herbs escargot - crispy escargot seasoned with lemon myrtle and

mountain pepper leaf, with chutney for dipping - 10.00 GF

Hot chilli escargot - let us know how you like it, mild or hot - 10.00 GF

Sicilian escargot - olive oil and vinaigrette escargot with herbs - 10.00 GF

Escargot a la ricotta crème - creamy fresh herb sauce served on ricotta gnocchi - 15.00


Escargot Mediterranean - oven roasted tomatoes and capsicum served on ricotta gnocchi - 15.00

Ravioli filled with escargot and ricotta cheese topped with garlic clarified butter - 20.00

Escargot with black Italian truffle - escargot with black truffles cooked in a rich, creamy sauce served with one of Vincenza’s tasty home made arancini - 26.00 GF

Uno grande piatto di escargot - (A large plate of escargot) - thirty escargot in Mediterranean

sauce served with crusty bread, can be made with hot chilli - 38.00 GF

Entrées or small meals


Italian sliced meats, local cheeses, olives, quince paste and other preserves - 22.00 GF ask for GF bread

Calamatta olives grown locally and preserved by Vincenza.

Served with: olive oil, garlic, chilli (chilli optional) and bread. These are delicious. - 15.00 GF

Soup served with bread - 15.00 GF ask for GF bread

Seafood dishes

Salt and pepper calamari rings - with aioli – with a small salad 16.00

Flat head tails - lightly beer battered with aioli – with a small salad 17.00

Mini seafood basket one of each: prawn, flat head tail and calamari rings with a small salad 17.00

Meat dishes

Spanish meatballs – ten lamb and beef meatballs cooked in a rich tasty Italian tomato sauce with a dollop of yoghurt and a small salad 18.00

Slow cooked French beef pie - with chutney and a small salad -18.00

Rague- slow cooked beef or lamb entrée size with , in house made gnocchi pillows of loveliness made with ricotta cheese 20.00

Chorizo dishes

Chorizo tossed in tomato salad 16.00 GF

Chorizo topped on patatas bravas 16.00

Salad and Vegetable Dishes

Garden salad – 10.00 (gluten free and vegetarian)

Sweet potato salad – sweet potato with walnuts and baby spinach, topped with fetta and vinaigrette dressing -15.00 (gluten free and vegetarian)

Seasonal or garden vegetables - bowl 10.00 (gluten free and vegetarian)

Patatas bravas - cubed rosemary sprinkled Mirboo North potatoes, topped with a rich Mediterranean tomato sauce- 13.00 (gluten free and vegetarian)

Bruschetta- with eggplant, oven roasted capsicum, zucchini, tomato, tomato pesto and fetta- 22.00 GFand Veg ask for GF bread.

Arancini – three arancini with roasted garlic and basil. Its centre has a camembert filling and topped with a Mediterranean sauce – with a small salad 18.00 (gluten free and vegetarian)

Croquettes- three bacon and cauliflower croquettes- topped with a Mediterranean sauce and a small salad 20.00

Children’s Meals

Chips - 5.00 and Nuggets - 5.00 Three cheese tortellini - topped with meat balls - 20.00

Meals for one- Lunch or Dinner

Seafood dishes

Calamari and chips meal - this dish comes with side salad - 22.00 (gluten free)

Flat head tails and chips - served with a side salad served with Aioli - 22.00

Large seafood basket - two flat head, two lightly battered prawns, calamari, chips and salad- 29,00

Poultry dishes

Chicken Crepes - with creamy cheese filling. Choice of cubed rosemary Mirboo

North potatoes, garden or seasonal vegetables or salad and chip - 26.00

Duck Rague – pulled, slow cooked duck in Italian tomato sauce served on house made ricotta gnocchi - 32.00

Beef and Lamb dishes

Scotch fillet steak - choice of whiskey sauce, mushroom sauce, pepper sauce or garlic butter garden choice of garden or seasonal vegetables or salad and chips 35.00

Beef cheek slow cooked for 12 hours in red wine. With local mashed spuds and seasonal vegies- 32.00

Beef rague served with in house made gnocchi, pillows of loveliness made with ricotta cheese 32.00

Spanish meat balls - topped with a rich and tasty tomato sauce, choice of garden or seasonal vegetables or salad and chips - 26.00

Home-made French beef pie - lots of delicious flavours accompanied by tomato chutney , choice of garden or seasonal vegetables or salad and chips - 26.00

Lamb shank- slow cooked in wine and rosemary served on a bed of mash potato, choice of garden or seasonal vegetables or salad - 26.00

Lamb rague served with in house made gnocchi, pillows of loveliness made with ricotta cheese 32.00

Rice andPasta dishes

Arancini (Rice balls) - three arancini with roasted garlic and basil camembert centre topped Mediterranean sauce, choice of garden or seasonal vegetables or salad and chip - 26.00 (gluten free and vegetarian)e

Jumb ravioli- spinach and ricotta or pumkin and almond 5 per serve topped with Italian sauce 30.00

Croquettes- three bacon and cauliflower croquettes- topped with a Mediterranean sauce and choice of garden or seasonal vegetables 28.00

Sweets and Cakes all made by Vincenza

All sweets served with scoop of home- made ice-cream.- 10. 00 per serve

Baked ricotta cheese cake - (Vincenza’s signature dessert) with ricotta cheese, almonds and dark chocolate.

Hot chocolate pudding - oozing with dark decadent chocolate. (gluten free option available)

Cannol- filled with half lemon and half chocolate crème patissiere.

Sticky date pudding

Churros – Spanish donuts with chocolate dipping sauce

Mini pavolava - with banana and passion fruit or seasonal berries

Home-made ice-cream - three scoops of ice-cream (gluten free)

Cake 15.00

Chocolate chestnut fudge cake (our chestnuts) (gluten free)

Wine- to have with sweets are Fragolino ( Italian strawberry grapes) 7.00 shot glass

Or Granache fortified 7.00 shot glass


Booking in advance is required for high tea - minimum 2 people - 50.00 pp

Hot savoury selection

- Selection of four gourmet sandwiches

- Variety of six mini home-made cakes and sweets

- bottomless Tea

- Glass of bubbly


Sandwiches and cakes (bottomless Tea or coffee) - 40.00 pp

Hot Drinks

Cappuccino – 4.00

Latte- 4.00

Babycino - 3.00

Mugacino - 4.50

Short black – 4.00

Soy cappuccino - 4.50

Mocha chocolate cappuccino - 5.00

Hot Chocolate – 5.00

Hazelnut hot chocolate - 5.50

Iced coffee - 5.50

Chai Latte - 5.00

Pot of tea – 4.00

Herbal tea - 4.00

- Roosibos

- Fruit Summer Berries, delicious blend of summer berries, summer

- Peppermint

- ask staff for more flavours as we have a vast variety

Soft drinks

Coke, Lemonade, Sunkist, Lift - 3.50

Lemon Lime and Bitters, Soda water, Tonic water - 4.50


Juices -Apple juice, Orange juice - 4.00


Chocolate, Strawberry, Caramel, Blue Heaven - 5.50

Iced Coffee and Iced Chocolate - 5.50

Alcoholic Coffees

1. Short black or long Black with a shot of brandy or Sambuca on the side – 10,00

2. Irish Coffee with Irish whiskey and Cream – 10.00

4. Café Escargot Mud with jack Daniels, Amaretto and cream - 12.00

Beer and Spirits check with us for other types alcohol we may have not on

this list

James Boags –Crown Lager - Cascade light - Carlton Draught - Peroni - Corona – Pure Blonde- French beer- Italian beer 7.00

Vodka, lemonade, raspberry or juice - 8.00

Gin and Tonic - 8.00

Southern Comfort and coke - 8.00

Jim Beam and cola - 8.00

Johnny Walker and dry - 8.00

Brandy and dry - 8.00

Jack Daniels and coke - 8.00

Bubbly and sparkling

Pink  large bottles - 20.00

Moscato large - 20.00

Mini moscato white or pink - 10.00 bottle

Issy spritzer- -10.00 bottle -sweets sparkling with the flavour and colour of strawberries

French - Champagne Brut (Charles Pelletier) - 32 bottle

QV riche – sparkling pink berry wine full of flavour - 30.00


House red $6.00

Cabernet Sauvignon- Spook hill in SA30.00

Shiraz – 35.00- preservative free Vino di Gippsalanda

Shiraz-ripple brook local winery. 35.00

Merlot- ripple brookwinery local 35.00

Cab Tempranello- preserative free – vino di gippsalanda

Sangiovese – ( Michelini wine) vibrant cherry tint and dark chocolate notes – 35.00

Marzemino – ( Michelini wine) deep red colour with chocolate notes and drying tannin finish – 35.00


House whites – 6.00

Chardonnay Vingonier great flavour persistence from the beginning to the end – 35.00

Chardonay- ripple brooke winery local winery 35.00

Semillon Sauvignon Blanc - true example of a well balanced blend 25.00

Riesling – 25.00

French - Brut (Charles Pelletier) – 32.00

Vermentino – (Micheline wine) fresh And crisp on the palate –35.00

Desert wines

Grenache fortified 30.00

Fragolino 25.00


Breakfast stack - two poached eggs with hollandaise spinach and bacon on Italian herbed toast – 15.00

Big breakfast- Chorizo, two fried eggs, bacon, spinach, mushrooms, fried tomatoes with two slices of toast on the side – 23.00

Scrambled eggs- x 2 with toast – 10.00

Scrambled eggs x 3 with chorizo on toast 16.00

Potato and Chorizo omelette x 2 eggs 15.00

Porridge- with dry fruit nuts, chia seeds and blue berries – 10.00

Vegetarian Breakfast- 2 fried eggs, spinach, mushrooms, fried tomatoes with two slices of toast on the side – 18.00

Pancake stack - with seasonal fruit ice-cream and cream or just with maple syrup 12.00

Smoothies are also available


Christmas Menu 

Christmas lunch menu 
Its a banquet of 6 courses

Book now for Christmas day
also open for Christmas functions and work breakup.
call us on 56681589


Local cheeses and our olives, our  dried tomatoes, Italian home made meats, plus more. and fresh bread  (gluten free option available)

Seafood or   a non seafood dish to be announced  (gluten free option available)

Turkey, ham, pork, stuffing lots of roasted veggies with all the trimmings 

Plum pudding and custard,
Pavlova with Berries

With Coffee or tea
selection of  Cakes. 

To Finish you right off

Cherries and other fruit

Hammocks available  to lay around in. all this for $100 per person

 Bookings essential 03 56681589

will cater for  gluten free ,vegetarians and vegans

book now for your xmas party